The Weird Things You Have to Do to Compete As a Bodybuilder

When I started lifting weights I never much considered competing in any bodybuilding events. Then a trainer at a gym told me that I should compete in my weight class. I did everything naturally. there would never be any failed drug tests showing steroids in me, so I wanted to try a competition that promoted natural training. The main things I was told to do was to get rid of the hair and get an even tan. I never even considered that I would be looking for places that do hair removal for men.

My wife laughed when she saw me on the computer looking for options to get rid of my chest and arm hair without it looking like I shaved. To compete, you really need smooth skin that is evenly tanned. It is like the canvas that lets the muscles be seen. I was not a hairy monster, but I did have chest hair and dark arm hair. Fortunately for me and my wife, I did not have any back hair.

I also needed an option that would last for as long as possible. Shaving is out because the hair is pretty much still growing out as you are cutting it off. This is how guys have that five o’clock shadow every day even though they shaved in the morning. My only problem with doing the hair removal for men thing is that I liked my close-cropped beard. It had to go too. The neck and jawline need to be clearly seen in competition with no distractions of having a beard.

It was a bit weird after having all of my chest, arm and leg hair removed but it actually looked good. Yes, I said legs too. I had forgotten about them. Never even thought for a second I would ever be getting rid of hair on my legs but I did. It really does help the muscles to stand out. The last thing I learned was during competition practice and that was about the body oil. You have to slick yourself up with a shiny sheen of oil to enhance the look of your muscles. In thinking about it or reading it here, it seems a bit weird. However, it is just all normal stuff of bodybuilding competitions. And you thought all we did was lift heavy things.