The Peterson Group and WHO to Fight against Drug Counterfeits

Described as the crime of the 21st century, the counterfeiting of drugs is a common problem that plagues the governments and manufacturers in Asia. Of all the counterfeiting methods there are, none are more potentially damaging than those affecting health and safety. The production, distribution and consumption of counterfeit and fraud medicines are worldwide and affecting greatly not only in Asia which poses the biggest manufacturers of counterfeits but also to the countries where the drugs has been distributed. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a significant fraction of the world’s drug supply is counterfeit and falsified. Estimates of counterfeit drugs range from 10 to 15 % for the world drug supply, to more than 25% in developing countries (Gibson, 2004).

With the turn of the first quarter of 2015, The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization which brings awareness and action against counterfeit drugs has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) in battling with the illegal drugs’ production.

In Asia, recent WHO estimates suggest that Cambodia has about 2800 illegal medicine sellers and 1000 unregistered medicines on the market. In 2001, China had roughly 500 illegal medicine manufacturers, and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic had about 2100 illegal medicine sellers. In Thailand, substandard medicines account for 8.5% of those on the market. Jakarta, Indonesia, on the other hand, has been reported to be the hotspot of counterfeit drugs and scams.

WHO has been working on the issue with regional governments for some time, and late last year, a meeting in Bangkok led to the development of country specific plans of action. The government of Australia has made funds available through the WHO for fighting counterfeit drugs in the region. The government agency also partnered with various organizations with the same advocacy. The Peterson Group is one of the many organizations who answered the call.

Combating low quality and illegal medicines are now more important than ever. Governments and agencies have now put up warnings on different media to fight this widespread illegal act. The Peterson Group is not any different. In fact, the company felt more obliged to wipe out the issue more than ever.

For the Peterson Group, it is pure and simple: counterfeit medicines are fake medicines and pose greatest harm if not stopped. The group continuously fights what seems an unending battle. Fake medicine is a grave matter which should not be ignored. The Peterson Group continues to vie for more help in response to the ill misconduct of production of fake medicines, believing that someday, these fraudulent acts may somehow halt to a stop.

How an Air Ambulance Can Bring You Home

It’s difficult to plan for emergencies, especially when you are traveling abroad. The excitement of the trip and anticipation of all the fun activities may cloud you from thinking about becoming sick or having an accident. But if you do have an emergency, you may find hurdles to overcome to return home.

By preparing you can avoid unnecessary stress when traveling. Research the care that’s available in the country you are traveling. How does the health care in that country match up with the care you could receive at home? You should also look at your insurance options before you leave home. If you are traveling to a country with a record of poor health care, ask your insurance provider if air ambulance coverage is in your policy, or travel insurance. In some cases your health care policy may cover things like an air ambulance. In other cases you may want to think about adding additional coverage or finding special traveler’s health insurance packages that would cover an air ambulance.

Why is air ambulance coverage important? You may be too ill or injured to return home by normal methods. You may also travel to a country that sees an opportunity, and won’t release you. Certain countries have a track record of trying to prevent Americans from leaving their hospitals. If you have an air ambulance provider at your finger tips, you have extra help. The air ambulance company can work with the nation and embassy to help bring you home. Most air ambulance providers have experience dealing with difficult hospital professionals and can help work with you to get the correct paperwork so you can be discharged and home as soon as possible. The best air ambulance providers will work behind the scenes so all you have to worry about is your recovery.

Research air ambulance companies as well as costs before you leave for a trip. Let your family members know where you are traveling to in case they have to contact someone to help you. Having the resources of a reputable air ambulance provider will give you piece of mind in especially scary situations. A good air ambulance provider will provide lots of support and be up front about costs and payment options.

Once you are out of the hospital your care will be in the hands of trained professionals An international air ambulance can be equipped with the necessary tools and medical devices that you need for a safe flight home. We will also staff each flight with the proper medical professionals to ensure you have the most comfortable return home possible.

Masking agents: Understanding How These Chemical Substances Works

A masking agent is nothing but a chemical substance or a reagent which is used to hide the detection of Doping substances. In simple words, it is used to camouflage the doping substances and prevent its detection while testing some specific illegal drugs which are screened to test doping. Masking agents like diuretics can conceal the doping drugs by diluting it in the form of urine.

Functioning of a masking agent As it says, masking agents hide or conceal the use of illegal drugs which are used for doping. Diuretics the most popular masking agent helps to excrete the banned drug from the body in the form of urine. These chemical substances increase the rate of urination in the humans. Some powerful masking agents or Diuretics like acetazolamide, bendroflumethiazide, indapamide or chlorthalidone can increase the urine flow in a man by about 6 litres a day. Diuretics are some therapeutic substances which are used in treatment of various diseases like renal failure, Kidney and lung dysfunction, heart failure or hypertension. This agent increases the flow of urine and sodium is also excreted so that the excess fluids from the tissue get adjusted. The volume and composition of the body fluid is also maintained.

Beat the drug test-Say no to Diuretics

Diuretics or any kinds of such drugs are banned in sporting activities, both competitive as well as in competitive ones. Diuretics are used by the athletes primarily for two reasons. With the excretion of excess amount of water from the body the weight gets reduced. This can be used to qualify the weight criteria for the athletic events. So the athletes use this kind of drugs to reduce their weight drastically and meet the weight criteria in the sports events. Another reason for using this drug is hiding the doping agents and concealing the effects of illegal drugs which may be administered in the athletic events. In sporting activities, huge financial gains and popularity provoke the athletes to indulge into unfair and illegal activities like doping and hence making of the doping agents. This doping agent enhances their performing ability and helps them to gain competitive edge. World Anti-doping agency or WADA, has listed certain chemical compounds which can be used to enhance the capabilities of an athlete. With the passing years, the total number of chemical substances in the list is increasing and more improved methods are introduced in order to prohibit the athletes from using unfair and illegal means to win the financial gains and the reputation in athletics.

How an Air Ambulance Helps Trauma Victims

An air ambulance is often used in times of emergency because it provides a faster alternative. Whether in a remote area or a traffic jam an air ambulance provides vital relief in areas that ground ambulances can’t reach. If trauma is a factor, an air ambulance can be even more vital.

A health term known among professionals is the “Golden Hour.” The Golden Hour is a term used to describe how important it is to help a trauma patient within the first hour they suffer an injury. Several studies have been done on patients that suffer trauma injuries. The State of Arizona did the most comprehensive study about the Golden Hour. The study, conducted between January 2005 and December 2008 found an air ambulance can play a vital role in helping trauma victims during the Golden Hour because they can be brought in quickly to administer care.

The study by the Arizona Department of Health Services looked at 14 trauma centers. The study researched severity of injuries, survival rates and other factors.

Another study, by the National Association of State EMS Officials backs up the Arizona study. This study found that over 81 million people had been helped by an air ambulance during the Golden Hour that normally would not have been able to be cared for. The study found those transported via an air ambulance had a probability of survival of 88 percent. 55-percent of the patients had an injury severity score of greater or equal to 15. The injury severity score measured how serious the injuries were, based on traditional trauma calculation methods. 43-percent of the patients that were transported via air ambulance went home within 24 hours.

Another study, by the National Association of State EMS Officials backs up the Arizona study. This study found that over 81 million people had been helped by an air ambulance during the Golden Hour that normally would not have been able to be cared for.

The main reason why an air ambulance is so effective in helping trauma patients is due to issues on the roads. Some roads may be impassible by vehicles. Since most trauma victims are usually the result of a car accident, it makes sense an air ambulance can factor in a positive way. Skiing or snowmobile accidents are other common ways an air ambulance can help. Because of its range of access the American Medical Association found people transported to a trauma center by an air ambulance had a 16-percent better chance of survival.

But an air ambulance can help in non-immediate situations for trauma patients. Trauma patients in recovery may find they need an air ambulance to travel back home. In that situation an air ambulance can be sued to ensure proper care while the victim returns home to be with family and loved ones.

Symptoms of a nervous stomach

Many people know and have experienced the symptoms of a nervous stomach. It will usually start with feelings of stress or anxiety and it can also include constipation, stomach pain, at times along with acute bowel movements.

Often there is a feeling of a stomach ache, fullness, heartburn and perhaps bloating and belching. With some people they can experience a poor appetite, vomiting, and nausea. The symptoms can vary from person to person, but most times, the nervous stomach is associated to stress, so it is important to treat the nervous system concurrently is as important as treating the digestive system.

Besides stress and anxiety a poor diet including sweets, spicy foods, smoking and drinking can all trigger off a nervous stomach. It is important to avoid everything that will irritate the membranes of the stomach such as, fatty foods, coffee, alcohol, smoking and of course reducing stress.

Diet along with aromatherapy, relaxation techniques and herbal teas all can help relieve the discomfort of a nervous stomach. Herbal teas that are wonderful for stress are- chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, passionflower, skullcap, and lemon balm.

For soothing the stomach, drink- peppermint or ginger tea, they both settle and sooth the stomach within minutes.

Relaxation techniques will help reduce stress and slow down a hectic pace. Try taking regular breaks to stretch, relax and breathe deeply to help calm your nerves and you will feel calmer within a few minutes. Yoga, meditation, music or any other activity that you find calming will bring relief.

Diet- don’t rush your meals always eat in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy every bite. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid sweets, fried foods, meat products as well as nicotine and alcohol.

If the anxiety and stress continue it would be wise to seek medical help.

How I Became An Expert on Exercises

Choosing the Best Workout Supplements for You There are so many workout supplements in the market and knowing which one is appropriate for you can be confusing. Before you do pick up any of those products, here’s a quick look at some of the most popular types today. Human Growth Hormone The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone naturally synthesized in your body and released by your pituitary gland (found in your brain). HGH is involved in a variety of crucial body function, including the production of energy and repair of muscle tissue. One reason HGH is so popular is the fact that its supply naturally decreases after people reach the age of 30, and continues to decrease as they get older. It is even believed that the hormone can be depleted by up to eighty percent.
Interesting Research on Workouts – Things You Probably Never Knew
Protein Powders
Exercises – Getting Started & Next Steps
Taking protein alone isn’t effective in building muscle. Your muscles have to be worked first before protein works on them and makes them bigger. But don’t take too much of this nutrient either as this can harm your kidneys and liver. Apart from tissue repair, protein has other functions, such as helping in enzyme and hormone production for the development of bone and cartilage, as well as blood and skin. Thus, the nutrient is considered an effective as well as safe for gaining body mass, provided it is combined with a workout. Amino Acids Ingestion of protein turns it into amino acids, which are its building blocks. Amino acids are needed for all kinds of enzyme production, including those involved in digestive processes. On top of this, amino acids also participate in the growth and repair of muscles when combined with a workout. Amino acids come in two types – essential (source is external, such as food) and non-essential (produced by the body). Creatine Creatine is used to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule utilized in muscle energy production. Eating fish or meat can give you additional creatine. According to reports, creatine supplements have helped people gain a few pounds immediately. Glutamine Among the several amino acids, glutamine is produced the most by your body. It belongs to the non-essential category, and that means your body is capable of producing it with the use of other amino acids. Glutamine is behind the production of glucose, which provides energy to your body. Additionally, glutamine can help in the maintenance of muscle mass, as well as its recovery after athletic training. Because glutamine is produced naturally by skeletal muscles, rigorous physical training is linked to the amino acid’s depletion. These are but a few of the workout supplements that are popularly used nowadays. And you will certainly find more varieties when you start checking the stores. To know the best one, consult your doctor, especially if you’re under medication.

What Has Changed Recently With Centers?

Why Is There A Need To Know About The Best Hearing Aid Center? More and more people these days are having difficulties with their sense of hearing, which is why there are already lots of hearing aid centers around. If you think you keep on asking people to repeat what they are saying or can’t understand the entire conversation, then you need to go to your local hearing aid center and have your sense of hearing checked. Aside from those signs mentioned above, people with hearing difficulties often want to increase the volume of their tv or radio, and even always asks other people for assistance. One of the ways to be able to hear again properly is by using a hearing device. You need to consider a hearing device that can fit into your ears properly. If you want to make sure that the conversation is clear or the music is enjoyable, then you need to choose a hearing aid that could match your ears properly. If you want to use a hearing device for your ears, you need to meet your doctor at your local hearing aid center and set an appointment with him or her. Your doctor will be the one to give you sets of examinations to determine whether or not you need a hearing aid. One reason why you need to go through lots of examinations is for you to know what kind of auditory device fits your needs so that you can live a normal life. In this article, you can get some expectations during your visit to your local hearing aid center. The first thing you need to do during your visit is to meet the staff so that they can hand you out some forms to be filled up. After this step, you will go through some examinations and evaluations. You can expect the doctor to check your inner canal to see if there are any ear wax, blockage or any possible situations affecting your ear. It is important that you are also ready for an auditory examination. Your specialist would want you to respond to different sounds, with different frequencies and volumes so that he or she can know the condition of your ear. You ear’s condition might be different from others, which is why you need to choose the best option for recovery among the many choices given to you. The good thing about this hearing devices is that it make sure it matches your preferences and hearing condition. There are still other options to choose from, such as cosmetics, depending on your preferences. One option to choose from is a hearing device small enough to fit your inner ear. If you want people not to notice the hearing device you are wearing, then you need to choose one that is small enough to be placed inside your ear. Aside from that, you can also choose an option that has different features, like volume control and directional microphones.The Beginner’s Guide to Options

Services Tips for The Average Joe

Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress is the best solution of everything!


Mental depressive disorders, in itself, is not a very certain terminated. It features various circumstances from short-term moodiness, to reliable emotions of dejection over a time period to serious melancholia with serious effects. For the most part, individuals usually take depressive disorders for provided, disregarding it as important to a person’s organic personality, but actually, it is a medical situation that needs to be clinically diagnosed for possible causes and then handled accordingly.

Regularly exercising have also been efficient in battling serious cases of the illness. Research has found out that Ayurveda is a soothing, organic, and efficient means of dealing with depressive disorders without the adverse reactions that most powerful medicines are likely to generate. Ayurvedic medicine for Cholesterol is popular as well as is well known for Stress.

It is often better to treat psychological depressive disorders symptomatically through sensory techniques, emotions lifts, tranquilizers, and stress busters or sedative drugs as the case may be. How often you take Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress?

Practiced for over 5,000 decades, Ayurveda is India’s conventional and organic program of medication that considers that there can be no psychological wellness without wellness as the mind (consciousness) and body program (physical mass) are inseparably incorporated. Ayurveda is a natural program of medical care that is designed for controlling efforts to experience the best possible wellness and well-being of an individual.

Ayurvedic treatment is suitable with other types of drugs, but it is always sensible to check with the physician if the organic herbs and other components recommended in Ayurveda will communicate in any way with conventional drugs. Ayurveda looks forward to reach a complete knowing of the characteristics and causes of the situation before the treatment is started.

Ayurveda has recognized two main causes of depressive disorders – a discrepancy in the three ‘Dosha-s’ of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and a lack of knowledge of one’s inner Self. The ‘Dosha-s’ are actually bioenergetic causes that regulate and figure out our wellness and strength. According to Ayurveda, depressive disorders are a conventional indication of discrepancy in one’s body program that results in many further problems if left uncorrected.

Vata caused depressive disorders – Usually associated with worry, anxiety, anxiety and insomnia. It is expected to be angry by solitude.

Pitta caused depressive disorders – Usually associated with the worry of failing or of making mistakes; often results in rage followed by taking once life propensities. Pita depressive disorders may happen in a light type to individuals who are dependent to success and may lot believe too serious a type. It is sometimes periodic and is most frequent in winter.

Kapha caused depressive disorders – Kapha depressive disorders makes a sensation of being considered down and is associated with excess sleep, tiredness, being overweight and a common sense of being lost.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress

Ayurveda uses plenty of organic herbs that have a soothing impact on the neurological program and the mind. The most widely used components consist of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Vachaa (Acorus Calamus), Mandook Parni (Centella asiatica) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). Apart from these many Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress have also been trademarked in the market.

Herbal Sleeping Pills Helps People To Overcome Sleeping Disorder


Today, many people are suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorder and this is because of their improper diet and excessive stress that they face in their personal or official life. And, many people do not know the exact reason for not getting good amount of sleep and the main problem with people suffer from insomnia is that they were unable to get hold of sleep in daytime but they will not even get few hours of sleep during night. This problem will leave their physical as well as mental health in fatigue and will hamper the work throughout the day.

The lack of sleep will reduce the concentration power which obviously results in deficit of productivity. However, in order to help this kind of people to overcome the problem of sleeping disorder, there is many of sleeping aid products available in market. If you are planning to choose any of the sleeping products then the information provided below is very useful to identify the better one among the available product.

Try The Sleeping Aid Products:

First of all, try to reduce the disturbance before you go for sleep. You can use dim lights in your bedroom and make sure that there is no disturbance that may hamper your sleep. Play some soothing music that will definitely help you to fall asleep and also help in reducing stress.

Today, you can find some capsule available in market that will surely help you to have a strong sleep throughout night. However, be careful in choosing sleeping capsule since many of the manufacturers are producing capsule that have some addictive ingredient.

Choose the capsules that have natural and herbal ingredients like melatonin, 5-HTP and other vegetable source that help in producing sound sleep. Try out kavinace ultra pm which is one of the safest sleeping capsule that is recommended by many healthcare practitioners. It is much safer and affordable sleeping capsule available in market.

Reasons why people like breville juicer JE98XL


Easy to clean is the biggest promoting factor of Breville fountain juice extractor. If a person check out many juicer reviews, he or she will find many people having the same level of experience with the juicer of Breville. Some of the juice extractors have many crannies and nooks that are hard to reach that the users do not obtain even from the model breville juicer je98xl. Following are some of the reasons why people love to use this juicer. Cleaning this juicer is not a huge task for the user. All they have to do is removing the blade and clean it using the warm soapy water. Next reason is this juicer is durable and reliable. This juicer is being consistent in its performance of extracting the juice from vegetables and fruits. This product lives up to high standards that the products of the manufacturer are known for.

Another reason why prefer to buy this juice extractor rather than other brands is they can obtain more value for their money. This product works like the popular brands but this does not cost users more. This provides buyers with more value and features for their money. This juicer model takes the more compact design. This is not bulky so that it does not occupy more space in the kitchen. Since the product does not have much number of clunky parts users can easily assemble and disassemble the parts. This ensures the cleaning process and maintenance easier. Always this product leaves dry pulp that tells the users they are obtaining all the liquids from their produce. One among the great features is it can run either at 6,500 or 12,000 rpms. This is a high speed juicer that can ease the task and save the time of the users with its best feature and efficiency.