The Importance of buying Properly Sized Bras

Let’s take a moment to discuss the importance of properly sized intimates.  Yes, we are talking about bras.  So many women wear the wrong size bra.  Here are 6 effects that can arise from wearing the wrong size intimates.  Wearing bras that are too large or too small can affect posture and lead to restrictions and tightening of muscles in the back, shoulders and neck.


  1. Wearing the wrong sized bra can cause headaches.  The headaches can result from tension in the back, neck and shoulders. Poor posture and ill-fitting bras cause strain in the neck and shoulders which can cause pressure on blood vessels, nerves and muscles even causing the feeling of pins and needles in the arms and fingers.
  2. It can also cause low and mid back pain as a result of improperly fitted bra causing muscles to strain because of supporting the weight of breasts.
  3. Slightly more obvious but never overlooked is the fact that wearing a bra that is too big can cause saggy boobs.  No support for the breast tissue causes sagging in the breast ligaments.
  4. Wearing a bra that is too small or ill-fitting can also cause blockages in the lymph nodes which are located in the chest and armpits.
  5. Improper bras can also cause stomach pain and indigestion because it restricts chest cavity and breathing. Nerve ending that come from the spine can become impinged and affect the control of the organs.
  6. Bras that are too tight can cause blister or abrasions as the chafe the tissue under the breast tissue. Don’t even mention underwires cutting into the ribcage and under the breast.

A perfectly fitted bra has a band that does not ride up nor is it loosely fitting.  The shoulder straps should be secure but not snug. The breast should lie comfortably in the cup with no air space or overflow of the breast. The straps should be parallel along the back without being too far apart. If you can fit more than 2 fingers between the band and your back the bra is too loose. The center of the bra should rest comfortably against the breast bone. There are several types of bras available to women.  These include Lined Bras, Bralettes, Pushup Bras, Sports Bras and Strapless.  Ideally, women should get fitted for bras by professionals whenever there is weight gain or loss, during or after pregnancy and if any of the above is occurring.
Choosing appropriate styles of bras is dependent on personal preference and the activity being performed.  Visit Aerie to take advantage of their undies sale and don’t forget to stop by Groupon Coupons to ensure that you are getting the best deals available for products.